Producer: RZA
Album: Supreme Clientele
Label: Epic/Razor Sharp Records

Glowing with the magnetic energy of his puppy-love memories, Ghost turns his Bic to the innocent phase of being a school kid on "Child's Play." It's all here, like when you first start liking girls and get engaged with candy rings (or get jealous and break her Chick-O-Sticks). Tony even mentions humping the bed, that embarrassing act from when those unruly hormones first kicked in.

Of course, young Tony must have been a bad-ass kid using "lines from Dolemite, few tips from Goines" to get the girls. "Wherever God go will be Mrs. Coles," summing up all those silly adolescent games perfectly. The writing is sentimental, but "Child's Play" explores some mature-ass observations of burgeoning sexuality: "Pretty lil' Sally sat up by the tree trunk/White mini-skirt with a Betty Boop bump/She had a ass like Deborah Cox/Face like Lauryn/Waist like a Coke bottle scorin'/Pretty young thing loved the swings/At times she got my ding-a-ling hard/When she said, 'Push hard'/She kept Vaseline/Open as she swung back/Couldn't help her dress flew back/Now I'm held accountable right for my actions."

Ghost then dips into KRS's Billy Joel-esque "It's Still Rock and Roll to Me" flow from BDP's "The Bridge Is Over" for a bit ("Everybody's talkin' 'bout Wu-Tang frontin' but you're still tellin' lies to me") for more nostalgia. And RZA should get a star by his name for the finely layered, dignified track. A-plus.