It seems like artists are always flaunting their money in music videos. But with all the different outlets for a hit record to generate income that exist today, it's hard to tell who's making money and who isn't.

However, we recently stumbled upon this infographic from our friends over in the UK that explains in detail how much money the average artist is pulling down from our constant music consumption.

The graphic was created in April 2010 and is presumably subject to some slight differences in the economics of today's musical landscape, but it provides some great details that might surprise you.

The data shows that in order for an artist to make the United States minimum wage salary of $1,160 a month, they would have to sell 3,871 copies of a retail album (that is, assuming they have the common low-end royalty deal).

The numbers only get worse when it comes to digital revenue. A song would have to be downloaded on Amazon iTunes a total of 12,339 times or streamed on Spotify a whopping 4,053,110 times for an artist to make a measly $1,160.

You still wanna be a rapper?

Full graphic below. [via IIB]


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