Jadakiss f/ Styles P “We Gonna Make It” (2001)

Produced by: The Alchemist

Jadakiss: “I remember getting the beat from Alchemist, and there was something about when I first heard the beat, that the hook came right to me. I already knew that was what the beat was saying. I remember I had it, but it was taking me a while, I didn’t want to just lay it. I kept just wanting to hear the beat. Just go in the studio, playing the beat. Anybody I played it for, they’d be like, ‘That beat is crazy!’ Then, me and Styles were sitting there, and I said, ‘I’m gonna throw you on this joint, we gonna do the in and out, then I’ll do the last verse myself since it’s my solo album.’

”I wanted to make that the first single. [The record company] didn’t really know though. They were really nervous. I don’t know why. But if that would’ve been the first single the results would have been even better. Then they ended up trying to remix it with Eve and use it. I mean, it was alright, but if it would’ve been the first single it would’ve been [better].

“I really didn’t get involved with [Ras Kass saying it was his beat first] because that was Alchemist. That was on him, because he got paid from my budget for it. So I didn’t have no beef. [Ras Kass] really didn’t have no beef with me either, but I guess I was just so hot, that was a time that he could see if he could pick it with me. But that wasn’t working. I was doing too much other stuff to be really thinking about that. Plus I paid Alchemist. If I was going to be mad, I would’ve been mad at him.”