Gang Starr f/ Jadakiss “Rite Where U Stand” (2003)

Produced by: DJ Premier

Jadakiss: “That was epic. I thought I was just going down to D&D [Studios] to lay my verse. I got there, I end up laying the verse, then Preem was like, ‘Where you going man, I need you to do the hook.’ I was like, ‘Come on Preem, I don’t be doing hooks like that.’ But he was like, ‘Nah, I know you can nail it, just sit there for a minute and think about something.’ So I went in there and did it. When the beat is knockin’, it really ain’t that hard. Plus he had the concept. He already told me, ‘The name of this song is ‘Rite Where U Stand,’’ before there were any words. It was just a beat and Preem telling me the name.

“[There were no Guru verses on it when I first heard it]. I was cool with Guru. He wasn’t actually there, I think he was doing some other work at the time, because they were completing their album. But, it’s always an honor to be in the room with Premier. He’s a master, a jack of all trades. He’s a DJ first, a producer, but also just a hip-hop connoisseur. And when he tells you something, you gotta listen.

”We [performed] that on Conan O’Brien. Who’s the tall one? Yeah, we rocked Conan. It was cool.”