Jay-Z f/ The Lox, Sauce Money, & Beanie Sigel “Reservoir Dogs” (1998)

Produced by: Erick Sermon, Co-Produced by Darold Trotter & Rockwilder

Jadakiss: “We were just flying in from a Lox show and we landed at LaGuardia or Newark or something, and they called us like, ‘Yo, Jay-Z wants y’all on his album.’ We went to the studio with our luggage. That’s when we first met Sigel. [Jay] said, ‘This is Beanie Mac’ and told him to rhyme for us. So we smoked some weed, listened to him rhyme for a while, then laid ‘Reservoir Dogs.’ At that point, we were really feeling ourselves, like we them cats. We were expecting calls.

”There’s always competitive air in the room, but the peculiar thing about that [song] was that only me, Beanie, and Sheek laid our verses [that day]. I’m not sure if Sauce Money did. But Styles came back the next day or the day after, and I don’t know whenever Hov laid his verse. So it’s never all the way fair unless everybody lays it right there. There’s some sort of cheating going on. But it’s all good.”