The Notorious B.I.G. f/ The Lox “Last Day” (1997)

Produced by: Havoc

Jadakiss: “We were still pretty much in the hood, probably like a nice day like today, chillin’ on the block. We get the call, ‘Yo, y’all gotta go down to Daddy’s House, B.I.G. wants y’all on his album.’ Everybody’s looking around like, ‘What?!?’ I guess we hopped in a cab, or whoever was driving, however we had to get there.

The whole Junior Mafia and B.I.G. was there. It was a beat produced by Havoc, so the beat was already knockin’. B.I.G. was like, ‘What y’all wanna do with it?’ We just sat there, smoked, drank, and it came out. I had another rhyme before the actual one that was on there. I said it to B.I.G. and he was like, ‘Nah, I need you come harder for me.’ Alright. Went in there, and wrote that right there, and that was it. It was beautiful being in the studio with B.I.G. And then to actually be able to record with him for his album was like a super honor.

”That was a self-accolade for us. We felt we made it once B.I.G. told us we were nice anyway. Like, ‘Yo, y’all got it.’ That was the push out to the world that we needed.”