N.O.R.E. f/ Nature, Big Pun, Cam’ron, Jadakiss, & Styles P “Banned From TV” (1998)

Produced by: Swizz Beatz

Jadakiss: “I think N.O.R.E. or somebody [from his camp] reached out to me for that. Sheek was in Puerto Rico at the time, and me and Styles just went down there and did the in and out thing. [Big Pun, Cam’ron, and Nature] weren’t there. It was just N.O.R.E. and the whole Thugged Out/Murder Unit. Capone was in jail.

“[When we do the in and out raps, Me and Styles] write it and get the topic or whatever, and then we lay it with blanks. He’ll go in or I’ll go in first and lay it with spaces, like I’m spitting a rhyme with holes in it, and then he goes in and finishes it. We perfected that now. We used to go in there with two mics set up and rock it like that. Now we leave the spaces, because we don’t have the flexibility to just hook another mic up.

“It had that feeling. The Swizz beat was uptempo, and you already know N.O.R.E. is a bowl of energy. You know, Nature, N.O.R.E., Pun, The Lox, Cam, you can’t really lose. I listened to all of their music, but yeah, Cam is my homeboy, Pun was my homie, Nature, all of them. That was just easy. It always makes it easy to work when you got a relationship.”