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Let’s cut the shit. Hip-hop producer Denaun Porter a.k.a. Mr. Porter is way too underrated. He got his start making beats that helped Eminem secure a major label record deal, then went platinum laying down songs (and rapping under the alias Kon Artis) with his Detroit homies D12, transitioned into becoming one of Dr. Dre’s most successful proteges producing bangers for in-house artists like 50 Cent and Busta Rhymes, and then broke away and did tracks (and sang some mean hooks at times too) for everyone from Lil’ Kim to Little Brother. He even gave some fire to a young and hungry Jay Electronica.

And now, he can boast about contributing four songs and co-executive producing one of the most anticipated releases of the summer, Bad Meets Evil’s Hell: The Sequel. Still, his name is often glossed over in barbershop debates and lunch table arguments over who’s putting in the most potent work behind the boards.

We’ve known for a while here at Complex that Mr. Porter is a motherfuckin’ monster. So for Bad Meets Evil Week, we got him on the horn in the midst of his Bonnaroo rehearsals with Eminem (yeah, he’s Em’s hype man too) to get the stories behind all the songs you may or may not know he produced. So don’t worry if you overlooked his accomplishments or think Dr. Dre produced “P.I.M.P” or Xzibit’s “Multiply.” He takes that as a compliment.

As told to Daniel Isenberg (@stanipcus)