Despite the fact that hip-hop has reverberated throughout the suburbs and mainstream for a couple of decades now, the fact that so many white people love the genre is still jarring to many. Multiply that shock when it's a white girl who goes beyond awkwardly dancing and actually raps along to her favorite MC's lyrics. Even if you're a nobody, that's proven to be viral gold, the attention really goes through the roof when said white girl is famous.

Sarah Palin recently shared her thoughts on Common's invitation to the White House's Poetry Night and stated that she's not "anti-rap" because she knows the words to The Sugarhill Gang's "Rapper's Delight." And just the other day, Penelope Cruz said she likes to rap along to Eminem's "Without Me."

They're not the only white female celebrities who can bust a rhyme. We've gathered up clips of our favorite pop singers, actresses, and television personalities stepping out of their comfort zones to showcase their mic skills. Some of them make us wonder why they haven't put out an album yet while others—well, just stick to your day job. Either way, a white girl who can spit is something we'll always have a place for.

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