Produced by: Mobb Deep

Prodigy: “We made that beat in the basement of my crib in Hempstead and that shit was bugged out. I remember making that shit, but I don’t exactly remember where we recorded the lyrics at. We shot that in Laurelton, Queens and we had a line down the block of girls that came through for that video. We submitted it to be played unedited, but they wouldn’t play it. They said it was too dirty, and had too much sex. Only the Playboy channel would play that video.’

“It’s crazy when you look at the video now because that shit is nothing compared to videos nowadays with the sex in it. That was just the mentality back then. At the time, we were just having fun. There wasn’t nothing else to it. Just fun and being open because we had a record deal. Thinking that we’re celebrities. We thought we were superstars when we made that.”