Buckwild: “During that time, there were a bunch of lyrical MCs, who everyone was hype about because they were so dope. But these labels didn’t know what to do with them. We did the records in Soundtrack and Battery. He moved up to New York during that period. Skillz is really picky. Sometimes he’d be in the studio, and try to tell the producer how to do his job. He’ll be like, ‘Do your job, nigga, do your job.’ And you’ll get into snaps with him, then he’ll say, ‘I’m only playing.’

“You have sessions like that where artists are as on par as the producers, it may not be big memories, but it’s good times. Ain’t nothing crazy intricate happened, except, I think it was during that time we met Erykah Badu. She was doing her thing. She was in one room, and Q-Tip and them were around. Matter of fact, I think Q-Tip was overseeing the Mad Skillz’ album. But yeah, Atlantic didn’t know what to do with the album. It should’ve sold at least 300,000.”