Story of The Week: Chris Brown Flips Out After Appearing On Good Morning America

On Tuesday, Chris Brown relapsed. After being asked some mild questions about Rihanna during his interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, Breezy allegedly went back to his dressing room, flipped out, ripped his shirt, and broke a window with a chair. He was eventually escorted out and did not perform a scheduled second time. So much for anger management and an image makeover.

Song of The Week: Lil Wayne f/ Rick Ross "If I Die Today (John)"

if i die today
Supposedly the second single off Tha Carter IV, this song has Lil Wayne rocking with his Miami homeboy, Rick Ross, in what sounds like a sequel to Ross' "I'm Not A Star." Either way, it’s Rozay and Weezy F. Baby, so you know it’s good to go.

Lil Wayne f/ Rick Ross "If I Die Today (John)"

Video of The Week: The Ready To Die Baby Is Finally Found

Last year, Diddy told RapRadar that, contrary to popular belief, the baby on the cover of Biggie’s Ready To Die wasn’t Biggie. After doing some digging, The Daily News figured out that the baby was actually 18-year-old New Yorker, Keithroy Yearwood, and caught up with him for an interview. Mystery solved.

Win of The Week / Fail of The Week

wyclef shot hand
Hip-hop in general won this week as Jay-Z became the first rapper to score a collaboration with Sade for the remix of "Moon & Sky" off her upcoming Ultimate Collection album. Sorry Drizzy, Hov got this. Meanwhile, Wyclef Jean added another fail to his resume. This week, he lied to CNN saying he was "grazed by a bullet" in Haiti, while doctors refuted the story and confirmed that he was only cut by glass. This is just one more delusional move on Clef's rap-sheet, directly following running for president of a country he doesn't live in. C'mon son.

Tweet of The Week: Tyler, The Creator Says Fuck Complex

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@ComplexMag Fuck You Guys. Pusha Is One Of My Favorites, You Guys Tryna Make It Negative. That Post Was Fucking Faggot Shit.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

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Tyler hated on Pusha's mixtape on Twitter, we made a post about it, and he got mad. Guess quoting people isn’t cool anymore.

Quote of The Week: B.o.B. fires back at Odd Future?
open quote marks

Keep fucking with me, you ain’t gone have no future.

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Pic of The Week: Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Tongue Kiss

wiz khalifa amber rose kissing
Photo by Mel D. Cole

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Number of The Week: How much money is Rebecca Black making?

rebecca black makes
The same week she became a Trending Topic and a viral sensation, Billboard wrote about how much money Rebecca Black is making off weekly sales of her hilariously awful song, "Friday." Amidst several other media reports, Billboard estimated that the 13-year-old YouTube sensation is netting $24,900 per week in iTunes sales. Holy shit! Someone get us a record deal with the Ark Music Factory already.