Today marks the two-year anniversary of the day Chris Brown voluntarily turned himself into the LAPD to be questioned for assaulting Rihanna. Brown eventually ended up pleading guilty to assaulting Rhi Rhi and fell out of favor with just about everyone. Since then he has been trying to rebuild his image, his brand, and his career. At times, he has done a good job by saying all the right things (mainly, "I'm sorry") and dropping hits like "Deuces." Other times, he has done the complete opposite of what a guy who claims to have his temper under contorl would do, like getting into beef on Twitter, and rocked some of the funniest outfits we've ever seen. However, time heals all wounds (including Rihanna's) and we're guessing people are more likely to forgive and forget "the incident" now that some time has passed. So has Chris Brown revamped his image? To find out, we put together a timeline of anything significant Brown has done over the last 24 months and added Approval Ratings. See if you agree.

chris brown timeline