Produced by: Don Cannon

Pusha T: “Fabolous is one of the most clever rhymers in the game. He’s got a rapper’s rapper quality about him that makes him able to do a song like ‘Joke's On You’ where he can pick a subject and just pull tons of references. Cause ‘Jokes On You’ was the one where we picked a bunch of comedians and pulled different scenarios. He’s one of the few that can really do it and he doesn’t make it sound lame.

“He hit me with it and I was like, ‘Man, how do you even go into this shit?’ And, once I started it man it just started really rolling. I was like, ‘Damn, this shit's gonna be amazing.’ Fab is the type of guy that you’ll be on a record with and he can honestly catch a body on you if you’re not careful. Some people hold their own. I feel like this type of rap is right up his alley because he carries that kind of cleverness all the fucking time.”