What happened? After Pookie is killed, Appleton goes undercover and gets down with Nino. They have a late night convo on the roof of a building where Nino tells the story of how he first got down with a gang.

Lyrics: “Man I remember I was trying to join this crew man. And initiation we had to fuck somebody up, kill something. So I go on the roof man, and you know, smoke on that red devil. [Totes.] I ain’t give a fuck about nothing man. I ran up on this old lady man, and put the cannon to her fucking face and, ‘BLAH!’ Fuck. Oh word? That was your mother? [Laughs.]”
Complex says: You know what’s way worse than murking somebody’s mom and laughing about it? Murking somebody’s mom to join a crew and then realizing later on like Sean P you might want to leave: “No disrespect to Duck Down Records, after this go-around, a nigga looking for the exit.”