Wu-Tang Clan "After The Laughter"

You can legitimately argue that the original, independently-pressed “Protect Ya Neck” single that landed the Clan at Loud Records is for all intents and purposes the only Wu-Tang demo that matters. “Wu-Tang is one of those groups where all the first shit that came out was their demo,” laughs Matty C. “’Cause all their shit sounded like demos—didn’t polish nothin’ up, they just put the shit out.” That said, Staten Island native Schott Free recalls two particular demo tracks that signaled Wu’s formation pre-“Protect Ya Neck”: A RZA-Ason Unique (a.k.a. Ol’ Dirty Bastard) collab called “Rugged and Raw,” and the early version of “Neck’s” B-side “Tearz,” entitled “After the Laughter.” (Peep the plethora of remaining Wu demos that have leaked over the years on Demo Cuts Deluxe Edition.)

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