O.C. "Step Into the O-Zone"

If it seems like there are a ton of unreleased early ’90s O.C. tracks in circulation, that’s because as many as forty songs were recorded during the sessions for the Word… Life LP. (Consult No Sleep Records’ recent limited edition, O.C. Originals EP, for an appetizing sampler.) As for what constituted O’s actual shopped demo, Word... Life executive producer MC Serch recalls just three tracks: early takes of the songs that would become “Born to Live” and “O-Zone” (then known in its more explicitly D.I.T.C.-sounding incarnation as “Step Into the O-Zone”), and a track called “Do You Believe.” After coming close to signing with Elektra via legendary A&R exec Dante Ross, O re-grouped with Serch and scored a deal with Wild Pitch.

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