213 "Untitled"

Snoop didn’t have to go too far to meet Dr. Dre, considering his LBC group, 213, included the good Dr.’s half-brother, Warren G. But the story of how they got Dre to check out their demo is still pretty cool. As the Doggfather told CNN’s Larry King last August: “We had a cassette tape [demo] and Warren G took it to Dr. Dre’s bachelor party. And the music had cut off from the bachelor party. So he slipped my tape in and when my tape came in, people was dancing to it. And Dre was like, 'Who was that?'
 [Warren] was like, 'That's my homeboy, Snoop.' He introduced me to him and the rest is history."

And though the untitled demo here doesn’t feature Nate Dogg (R.I.P.), it does present Snoop rapping his ass off for five straight minutes over a tricked out James Brown sample. The young’uns’ rough G-Funk draft was just the traveling music Dre required to move his practice over to Death Row.