Drake planned on releasing a mixtape full of R&B cuts and we thought that was a hell of an idea. He then promised delivering the project just before the release of his sophomore album. Then he dropped the mixtape's first single—a cover of TLC's 1999 song, "FanMail" from their album of the same name. Since then, we haven't heard much of the R&B tape, It's Never Enough, and we won't be hearing any of it now. After telling MTV News that he was on a 'hiatus' from his R&B mixtape, Drake officially shelved it in a statement posted on his OctobersVeryOwn blog last night:

I am truly enjoying my life right now. Its been so long since I have wrote anything on here because I feel like for a while I was trying to digest it all and save it for the music. But its finally set in that I am living my dreams and doing with all my closest friends from Toronto. I wake up and never know what to expect from any given day but good or bad I always learn something from it. I have decided that I am going to push “It’s Never Enough” and focus completely on delivering Take Care to you all. I feel like my mind is truly ready to make this next album NOW and I don’t want that feeling to escape me.

Let's hope Drizzy really is 'rapping a lot' on this album. You do not want to fall victim of that sophomore jinx, bro.

[October's Very Own via MissInfo]