Lil B: "I wasn't even cooking full course meals in this video. [Laughs.] People got some nerve saying I wasn't cooking hard on here. I was smiling. I'm letting people know you can break the cooking rules. Rules are made to be broken. People need to create their own moves and add them to the cooking. I've seen people add new swags to the cooking. Cooking, just moving one arm and just straight swaggin' and not even moving the body. Just one arm. Going crazy. [Laughs.] I was like, 'Word? This is next level.'

I never, never, never thought cooking would catch on. It was just a fun joke to me. Just a fun thing for me to do online and make jokes with the people that respected and supported me. Just a joke between me and my friends online. Like, everybody that likes me online is my friend. So, we all making jokes all day and shit on the computer and I did that and now it's somethin we getting a million views from. That's what's so crazy to me. It hit me hard. Just seeing it catch on and people continuously doing the cooking dance and not stopping and views gaining more and then more and more people asking me, 'Where's the more cooking music?' Then going out to New York and flickin my wrist and the place just shut down. Man, I be feeling like Michael [Jackson]. I really be feelin' like Michael, dude. I appreciate it. It's fun. It's definitely a unique thing to have and it's just an honor. We're having so much fun, man. Niggas over here having so much fun, man. Genuine fun and I just don't wanna stop.

I shot "I Cook" at a little low key spot I got out here in the Bay. I definitely get the studio work in there. It's like a lounge spot. So, it's all work. You know I'm all fresh, man. There was a point in time when the labels kinda shitted on me and forgot about The Pack and that's what happens when you go through major labels and shady management and hard times and funny business people. So I really had to build my shit from ground one. From square one by myself and eat and get it in. Now I'm up there and I'm able to sell out shows by myself and tour anywhere. I can go anywhere now and someone's gonna know who I am. Anywhere. Any state. I'm making my money off shows and I'm making a living. It's a blessing I'm able to make a living and shit and I'm learning and I'm working to get more. I'm working to build a foundation that'll last forever and we're all part of walking history. We're all part of history right now on YouTube, Facebook, and stuff. Everybody is able to watch everything grow daily. I'm there. I know what's going on with my support base. I'm meeting people who love me daily. Recording it. Seeing insights. Taking records so I'm seeing it and it's growing and it's definitely about staying blessed and humble."