Album: Thank Me Later
Best line: "Call me over rated or creative or too jaded/Because any way you put it, bitch I made it, YUP!"
Complex says: Drake has an endless stream of verses aimed at "haters," the guys who object to his overnight success and swift induction into the circle of contemporary hip-hip royalty. Here, he brushes them off as tactfully as he ever has. Of course, that's not without kicking the verse off with a narrative about the young lady he's taking out for the night. In a verse littered with references to legendary acts like A Tribe Called Quest and J. Dilla, the Toronto MC rants about how he "came up in the underground" and how "people really hate when a backpack rapper get[s] rich." Their motive (according to Drake): inability to lead a life as illustrious as his. He made it, you didn't, and you're mad about it. Rappers have been singing the same tune for ages, but it's anything but trite when it's coming from rap's polarizing rookie over Kanye West production.