The group releases all of their music for free. There's a constant stream of new material available at, but their flagship projects (complete with self-appropriated descriptions) are as follows:

Tyler, The Creator - Bastard: "Tyler Creator (or Ace) Releases This Full Length Self Produced Album, Mostly About His Father, Rape, Box Logos And Jesus. Also Featuring Unicorns And Transexuals." [DOWNLOAD]

Odd Future - The Odd Future Tape, Vol. 1: "THIS IS WHERE IT ALL STARTED. Tyler Creator, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, Super 3 And Casey Veggies. Back in 2008 We Released A Compilation Of Songs That Were Done Since 2007. This Is Classic Material And The Album That Got Odd Future A Name For Themselves. We Were Just Some Bad Kids With Talent Who Loved Making Shit, As You Can Tell From The Shitty Quality Of The Songs. Even The Cover Was As Good As The Ones We Make Today. All Beats By Tyler, Left Brain Or Super 3." [DOWNLOAD]

Hodgy Beats - The Dena Tape: "Hodgy Releases His First Full Length Album. Featuring A Bunch Of Fucking Songs." [DOWNLOAD]

Mellow Hype - YellowWhite: "Hodgy Beats And Left Brain Combines Into One. Featuring Weed, Ignorance, Elephants, Bitches, Gold, More Weed And Arizona." [DOWNLOAD]

Earl Sweatshirt - Earl: Earl Sweatshirt Releases His First Fucking Album. Lyrics About Rape, Coke, And Couches Will Be Blaring In Your Ears With The Dopest Fucking Beats To Date. Featuring Production By Tyler The Creator, Left Brain And Others. [DOWNLOAD]

Mike G - Ali: "Mike G just Released His Album 'ALI.' Featuring Production By Syd, Left Brain And Tyler Creator. Lyrics With Swagged Out, Slow Ride, Chop/Screw Sound." [DOWNLOAD]

Jet Age Of Tomorrow - Voyager: "Jet Age (also known as the Super 3) Releases This Fucking Album Full Of Offkelter And Unorthodox Sounds. Mostly An Instrumental Album, This Will Keep Your Brain Racing. Seriously, These Fucking Instrumentals Are On Some Space Type SciFi Shit." [DOWNLOAD]

Odd Future - Radical: "FUCKING FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tyler Creator/Domo Genesis/Mike G/Hodgy Beats/Earl Sweatshirt/Left Brain/Jasper And Fucking Taco!!!! We Just Want To thank Everyone Who Fucks With Us. We Just Some Young Niggas Doing What We Love, Fuck The Public, Making The Music We Want. This Mixtape Is Us Going over Our Favorite Beats From Other Popular Acts, Such As Gucci Mane, The Liars And Like, R.Kelly. Please Enjoy The Grimy Music, And The Porn Virus This Shit Comes With." [DOWNLOAD]

Domo Genesis - Rolling Papers: "Domo Genesis Finally Releases His Album Rolling Papers. Flooded With Bitches, Weed, Females, Marijuana, Sluts, Green Shit And Grocery Stores. Produced By Tyler, The Creator And Left Brain. We’ve Promised You Fucks This Album For Months, But During That Time We’ve Put Together A Really Good Fucking Album. So Roll A Joint, Grab A Bitch, Make A Toaster Strutal and Swag This Shit The Fuck Out." [DOWNLOAD]