Produced by: Blended Babies
Rich Parry (of Blended Babies): “That beat’s probably two years old, like early '08. J.P. was workin with The Cool Kids doing engineering and production. They're always in the A room of the studio [in the Bucktown neighborhood of Chicago] and I'm usually just hangin’ out in the lobby making beats, sampling, and chopping shit up. I just found this one sample for “I Need Your Love” by this old soul group from D.C. called Skip Mahoney and the Casuals. Sampled a two-bar loop, chopped it up, put some drums over it. Played it for J and he was like, ‘Man, I got a baseline.’ Last Thanksgiving we were out in NY at DD 172 doing some stuff with The Black Keys and Cool Kids for these BlackRoc sessions for the new BlackRoc II record that hadn't even come out yet. I was in the basement with Om'Mas Keith from Sa-Ra making beats. That was one of the records that Om' Mas started playing bass on, and Dame was passed out on the couch ’cause we were all smoking weed. Dame wakes up and freaks out, like, “Oh my God, this is fuckin’ it, dog.” Runs upstairs and gets Nicole Wray, she comes down, writes the hook in like 10 minutes. Lays it down.”

J.P. (of Blended Babies): “We sent it out to people but they weren't really doing shit with it. We knew it was a better beat.”

Rich Parry: “I think David Banner hit me back about that beat. Freddie Gibbs had that beat. A shitload of people hit me back and were like, ‘It's dope,’ but nobody ever recorded shit to it. GLC and Chip just sorta knocked it out and did the shit and then Cudi heard it and was all about it. “

Chip Tha Ripper: “I’m chillin’ in the tour bus with Cudi around April or May. We had this little cord we hooked up to the auxiliary on the TV. The speakers was shitty but he was letting me hear some new shit for the album. ‘The End’ was one of the five songs I played him and when I played ‘The End’ and it turned off, he was like, ‘I need that for my album.’ He just heard it one time on these terrible speakers. He didn’t get the full effect of the song, but he definitely got the feeling of it.

“After he heard it, in the summer we were going to record [at a studio in West Hollywood] to finish up this album and he was in there for two or three days. We was just chillin’ out, smoking like crazy, had a little bag of the fungi. Fungi is plural for fungus, which means we had shrooms. Two of those three days we was just working on “The End.” He recorded his verse and he was real particular about the strings and music. He broke [the record] down and built it back up in front of me in two days. He re-arranged chords how he wanted them, some parts of the hook, and took vocals out.

“Most of the album was already done. That was one of the last additions to the album. There was a lot of records that were on there that’s not on there no more. Like ‘Marijuana’ used to sound totally different than it does now. That’s why you gotta keep going in there. I guess that’s why he keeps going in and fixing records to make sure it sounds perfect.”

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