Produced by: Dot Da Genius
Dot Da Genius: “The evolution of that track is so crazy. We literally started in L.A. and it sounded one way first, then we went to Hawaii to mess with Kanye and the record completely transformed. It wasn’t really ballad-y, because if you listen to ‘Marijuana’ it’s almost like a ballad, but he’s rapping. It was more synth-heavy because we had this one crazy synth going through it. But when we were in Hawaii it started annoying Cudi, so we ended up changing it to keys, and that set the mood for him—that’s when he re-made his verse and he put everything together. We had Mike Dean, who’s Kanye’s main engineer and guitarist; he put the guitar parts down. It’s one verse, a guitar solo breakdown, and an outro. That’s pretty much how that song came about.”