Impersonates: Eazy-E & Luke Campbell
Complex says: Dr. Dre got actor Anthony Johnson to lampoon Eazy as Sleazy-E, a phony rapper who gets chased through the hood and eventually becomes homeless. Johnson not only looked kinda like Eazy, but he played a character named E.Z.E. in House Party (he didn't have any lines, but he did have a jheri curl, hence the name) and he went on to impersonate Eazy-E again in the video for "Real Muthaphuckkin G's." The video also features a buck-toothed Luke Campbell impersonator who literally bends over and gets fucked (II). But the best part of the video is the Jerry Heller impersonator (played by real-life Interscope executive Steve Berman—yes, the one from the Eminem skits) who tells Eazy's recruits (played by Warren G and Bushwick Bill), "Just sign your life, I mean your name, on the contract." And then Dre comes in with a gat and blasts them away. Ahh, we miss the days when rappers could show guns in videos.