Girls announce new EP, Broken Dreams: As much as we'd like to lay 2011 in music down by the fire, we also have to give credit to 2010 for its sizable share of great releases. While this one may not be out until November 22nd, Girls are dropping a new EP that should close out 2010 in style. Expect lots of rich, high quality sounds from the lo-fi psych kings. If this is what the sound of dreams breaking is really like, it's a shame we haven't got more to damage. [LINK]

Bad Religion release limited-edition anniversary box set: Of all the kinds of releases in the world, a box set may very well be the least punk of them all, but don't get your mohawk in a bunch. A Bad Religion box set should be event enough to set aside your ethos. Unlike other sets made up of CDs, though, this box set is all vinyl, baby. Plus, for the first time since 1983, Into The Unknown is being pressed for your buying pleasure. With just 3,000 units available, not getting yours would make you look like a punk. [LINK]

Death Cab For Cutie discuss new album: Here's another reason we're going to make love to 2011: a new Death Cab For Cutie album. Here's what to expect: songs about Zooey Deschanel, more composing from Chris Walla, less Narrow Stairs-esque self loathing, and an album cover featuring Deschanel dressed as Katy Perry. Just kidding about the last one. [LINK]

The Black Keys to reissue latest album: How's this for cocky: just six months after releasing Brothers, The Black Keys are reissuing the album with a boatload of extra material in time for Record Store Day's Black Friday event. Of course, if you're going to make fans crawl on their hands and knees and dole out more cash for something undoubtedly still in their CD player, Brothers is probably the album you'd want to do it with. [LINK]

The Decemberists announce new album, The King Is Dead: A new Decemberists album slated for January 18th? Damn right. And it's got collaborative tracks featuring the aforementioned R.E.M.'s Peter Buck. We can't wait for more details to unravel, but this sounds like it could be great. [LINK]

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