For the past 12 weeks, Kanye West has been unleashing a song every Friday in a weekly series he’s dubbed G.O.O.D. Fridays. His series made perfect sense to us; we’re happy to hear anything ’Ye puts out and these days he’s got more than enough to spare. But as of late, it seems like everyone is imitating Kanye (who can take credit for popularizing weekly leaks on a mass scale, but not being the originator—which is something Mickey Factz and Crooked I may have a claim on) by doing their own weekly series. Swizz Beatz has Monster Mondays, Timbaland recently announced Timbo Tuesdays, Slim Thug has Thug Thursdays, and the list goes on and on. All of which raises the question: how about Fuck Outta Here Fridays? Seriously, this is fucking ridiculous. As long as everyone and their cousin is jocking the trend, we figured we’d cook up some of our own. Hence, F.O.H. Fridays: 7 Weekly Rap Series No One Wants To Hear. So keep one hand in the air, if you really don’t care.