Bangladesh: "[I was] in Vegas [and] I get this phone call that they trying to fly me to Vegas to work with Gucci. I was like, 'I’m already in Vegas.' We was working in one of the casino studios and with 'Lemonade' I didn’t really know what to do. It was last minute, all I had was my laptop and I had a couple of sounds in there.

"I had a sample [of Flo & Eddie's 'Keep It Warm'] that I had for about a year and didn't really do nothing to it. So I started messing with that. Gucci had already started writing, which is why a lot of producers like working with him because he's not gonna ask too many questions, he's just gonna go in.

After that, there was a part in the sample that said something about some money, so I wanted to incorporate it into the beat. But Gucci didn't like that part so he wrote his own hook to the part. I ain't really like the hook. I wanted to incorporate this sample melody into the track so I changed the words of the sample to be about 'Lemonade' and kept the melody.

"I didn't change the hook when we recorded it. I took it home and I had the whole song, but it wasn't moving me so I had Tomfoolery—who is my rap artist—rewrite the hooks of the sample. And, I had my daughter and my nieces sing it over. So it sounded like a sample record but there was no sample in it, but it changed the whole sound.

"I played it for Gucci and he was like, 'I like it Bang, but where my hook go? My hook was banging right?' So I had to tell him, 'Nah.' But it wasn't hard to tell him. He just wants to make the best music so it's easy to be honest with dude."