Bangladesh: "Well, again. Domino effect. From the Bey music, J. Records wanted music for Mario that sounded like Bey music. So, I sent him a couple beats and they asked who could write it. So I said, 'The same person who wrote the Bey music, Sean Garrett.' When Sean got it, he wanted to keep it for himself. [Laughs.]

"So when he recorded it, we knew it was a smash but he kept trying to get me to let him have it, but I didn't really want him to have it. So I guess he maneuvered the situation where he gave it to Mario but he stayed on the song. It all worked out for the best: He got a look, we got it to Mario, and it was a major placement for myself.

"How I created the beat is another story. Keyshia Cole had recorded over 'Diva,' but I gave it to Bey. So her people wanted me to create another beat for her. So I made it but they never got back to me. A lot of people wanted that beat [like] Julez Santana, I even gave the Clipse manager that beat. R. Kelly wanted that beat.

"R. Kelly actually recorded a song to the beat but I never knew about it. I just heard the story about it. I guess he has parties in his house on the weekends, so instead of going to the club he brings the club to himself. And I guess he plays his songs and new material at these parties. And he was playing that song and some girl came up to him and asked him if it was the remix to the Mario song. That kinda killed his mood."