Kings of Leon, Rihanna tapped for Saturday Night Live: For a while now, it's seemed like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon had a corner on late-night programming with stellar musical guests. Seems all that is about to change, at least for October. Late-night colossus SNL has booked Kings of Leon and Rihanna for October 23rd and 30th, respectively. Rihanna playing on Halloween Eve? We hope she dresses up as a scantily clad pop star. [LINK]

Weezer teams up with Best Coast: If you got caught up in nostalgia fever like we did, you'd almost forget that deluxe reissues of Pinkerton and the rarities collection Death to False Metal aren't the only things on Weezer's plate; they've still got an album a year to release! Not much additional news on the follow up to last month's Hurley, but Rivers Cuomo confirmed he is writing a song with Best Coast cutie Bethany Cosentino. Great, now we can play Six Degrees of Separation with Lil Wayne and Best Coast and win in one turn. Huzzah! [LINK]

Simian Mobile Disco prep Delicacies for upcoming release: After dropping two 12" LPs in April and September, Simian Mobile Disco are ready to feed you more sick beats and awesome mixes. This is the kind of fare that should be thoroughly savored, taken bite by bite as you let every morsel tantalize your taste buds. Two separate meals—one disc of unmixed tracks and another of studio versions—should fill your gullet and leave you wanting more. Damn it, all these food metaphors actually made us hungry. [LINK]

Is this a new Lady Gaga song?: If it sounds like Lady Gaga, and it sings like Lady Gaga, and is probably wearing a meat suit like Lady Gaga, is it safe to say this new song "Nothing On (But The Radio)" is Lady Gaga? Musically, it's right up her alley (lots of synth, '90s club vibe, the sound of a suit made of meat moving in the background), but with no confirmation either way, it's hard to tell. Guess we'll just have to decide for ourselves. Thanks for nothing, Gaga. [LINK]

Beastie Boys' Adam Yauch healthy, says Mike D's wife: While the wife of Eddie Van Halen nixed a Van Halen reunion a while back, it's glad to see musician's wives can actually dole out good news. Mike D's wife, Tamra Davis, recently blogged that MCA (Adam Yauch) is doing well in his recent bout with cancer and is back in the studio. You know what would really continue the healing process? An early 2011 release for Hot Sauce Committee, Pt. 1. [LINK]

Michael Jackson music video box set details revealed: You don't become the King of Pop without making a few music videos. And by few, we actually mean that Michael Jackson seemingly shot some sort of clip for every song he ever recorded (and maybe some he didn't; who knows?) Now, if you want to get your hands on each video without wasting the day on YouTube, you can pick up Michael Jackson's Vision box set, a two-DVD set with each video and a boatload of bonus material. All hail the king, baby. [LINK]

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