Produced by: DR Period
"DR Period (M.O.P.'s 'Ante Up'), one of the most slept-on producers in hip-hop, was in the process of building a stable of dope rappers. I wasn't representing him because he already had representation when we met, but knowing my roster of clients, he felt comfortable referring me to most of his artists. Through him I ended up representing Smoothe and Trigger, who were brothers, kind of like the Clipse, only way before the Clipse. Profile signed Smoothe while Def Jam picked up Trigger. On the low, DR was making a lotta music industry money, from the labels that signed Smoothe and Trigger, who were his artists. Plus he had a couple of other artists signed to other companies, so even though he didn't have his own label yet, he had a lot of deals signed and paid for. Smoothe and Trigger was very quiet in person, almost low key and very soft spoken, so I didn't expect them to make such a gully, dope-ass record like 'Broken Language.' When the record dropped, NY heads went ape over it. At the time, NY had like a million dope crime rappers, like Big L, Jay-Z, and Smoothe and Trigger. I'd even go so far as to say at the time, Smoothe and Trigger were considered to be competition to Jay. Unfortunately, NY rap didn't sell well and the album flopped. Still, I'm real proud to have been part of the creation of this Brooklyn banger."