Bun B: "'Get Throwed' was a song that was originally recorded for Dirty Money. It was a record that I had forgotten about, but J. [Prince] had been holding onto for a long time. He was like, 'This is a hit record.' I had another verse on it at that time, and we ended up getting a new beat put on it. He and Mr. Lee put a new beat on it. When he put the new beat on it, I was like, 'Aw man, that's kinda sick right there.' So, we held onto it because we wanted the right moment on it. Whoever else got this record really had to kill it.

"And, J. kept saying, 'I see Jay-Z on this muthafucka.' I was like, 'Well, shit, let's try to get him.' It probably took about two, maybe three, months to coordinate Jay recording this record. It was a process. This was during the interim between his retirement and him becoming the president of Def Jam Records. I think the whole issue with him was that he didn't want it to look a certain way that he's recording with me and there still were artists on the label who he hadn't recorded with. But I think people understood the relationship we had. Nobody really took offense to it at the time.

"The thing about it was, my wife was at the session and she didn't know that Jay-Z wrote rhymes in his head. So, we were all sitting around while the beat was playing. He'd sit back and he'd ask a questions like, 'How's the kids? How's mom?' That kinda stuff. Then, about 30 minutes later, he's like, 'All right, I'm ready.' And my wife looked at me with this expression on her face like, 'What does he mean he's ready?' And, he went in the booth and started rapping his verse. I think it might have only been that one take. I don't remember him being in the booth that long at all. He was saying it in his head instead of actually saying it into the mic. He was mumbling over the beat. And, when he actually laid a vocal, it was only one take. And, [my wife] was like, 'I'm sorry, honey. I love you. You're my favorite rapper of all time, but Jay-Z might be the best rapper of all time.' I couldn't even get mad at her."

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