Ever since DMX threatened to rape our daughters, we're been a little hesitant to let our kids near anything even resembling rap music. Unfortunately, rap is a full-contact, all-ages sport. Although kids are considered out of bounds, sometimes when dudes are headed towards the sidelines someone takes a late hit that spills all over their home life. Case in point: Recently, Game was performing on stage and he brought out his young son to sing some songs. Things ended up getting ugly when someone decided to throw beer on them like it was Super Bowl Gatorade. [Sigh.] Although it was a horrible thing to do, it wasn't the first time a rapper's kid was dissed, either in lyrics or real life. That's why we're taking a look back at just a few of those moments with Child's Play: When Rap Kids Get Disrespected. We even equipped it with a Waka Flocka Mama rating (which is totally relative since any time kids get brought up, you've already gone too far). So be warned, parental discretion is advised.