Produced by: Noah "40" Shebib & Tone Mason
Noah "40" Shebib: "’Light Up’ is an older one we cut at Metalworks before Christmas. Tone Mason is actually a production crew out of Toronto and the guy who did the programming is named Mellenius. He had a beat I really liked and the drums were crazy and I showed Drake. I told him to send me the drums and we ran with it from there. When we started the tour again and I had a studio bus, I got Adrian X, our guitar player on tour, to track out some guitars for me and I flipped them and did some fucked up shit to them. Jay did it properly as well. We sent Jay that record, a week or two weeks later: boom, verse.

"It is actually a funny story because Guru wouldn’t give me a reference to the song. [Laughs.] He called me and is like, ’I got it! It’s amazing!’ He is freaking out and I’m like, ’Send it to me,’ and he says, ’Nope, not until you’re mixing it.’ So he calls and plays it over the phone and I actually have footage of us listening to it on the phone for the first time and we are jumping up and down. It’s so funny, Guru was on acting like Funkmaster Flex by bringing it back and breaking down every line. I think he sent it to me through iChat. Direct link, no actual host or server. Gadget mixed it. I do a lot of the pre-mixing. With 'Light Up,' because I knew I was the producer, I didn’t feel the need of wanting to mix it.'"

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