As we spent the past couple of weeks watching the epic NBA Finals, we kept noticing one bizarre thing. No, we're not talking about Glen "Big Baby" Davis' bear-man drool or Ron Artest's love for the psychoanalytic process. It's that Kia commercial that aired during timeouts—you know, the one with the hamsters dressed like b-boys riding around bumping Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours" like it's 1991. As dumbfounded as we were by that ad, the fact is that rap songs being used in car ads isn't a new phenomenon. And just like cars themselves, some are feats of power and grace, but some smell like old Taco Bell containers and have a bumper sticker that says IMAGINE WHIRLED PEAS. (Metaphorically, at least.) Check out other examples of When Car Ads Use Rap Songs to see the good and bad of rappers licensing their songs. LICENSING! Oh, man. *wheeze*