After watching Floyd Mayweather destroy Shane Mosley, we spent the rest of the weekend rocking out to Jadakiss' latest mixtapeThe Champ Is Here 3. Whether it be three-day weekends, threesomes, or a three-part mixtape series, Complex loves things that come in 3s. Rappers do too because a classic mixtape trilogy has been known to resusitate a career bogged down by label drama or provide an outlet when you've got a shitload of street-ready songs for release.

This month, we'll hopefully get to see Royce Da 5'9 drop The Bar Exam 3 (slated for May 31st) and Cam'Ron's Boss of All Bosses 2.5 (not sure if this exactly qualifes as a trilogy, but it's slated for next week) touch down. While you're waiting for those, check out our list of The Best Mixtape Trilogies.