9th Wonder is a producer who's merits have been argued just as much as his production been praised. Quite possibly the only producer to have worked extensively with both Sean Price and Beyonce, 9th's production has crossed genre barriers the likes of which he never could have foreseen as a North Carolina college student making beats for his former group, Little Brother. Yet until late last year, he'd kept secret his aspirations to pick up the mic the entire time he'd been recording with MC's as familial as Joe Scudda and as intimidating as Jay-Z.

What took the NCCU graduate so long to release his inner College Dropout? Beats us, but having already been blamed for the demise of Little Brother, you can bet people will have something to say about it. And though it might have worked for Kanye, it's a route that has failed so many others. We've compiled all the verses 9th (using the name "9thmatic") has released so far to determine if he can actually spit. Listen to the evidence and cast your vote below to decide if 9th Wonder should stick to his day job or continue rocking the mic...

9thmatic & Khrysis, "Make It Big"
RELEASED: December 15, 2009

STANDOUT BARS: "Freshest little nigga became a fresh-man/Fan of the D.O.C. and X-Clan"
Complex Says: The first sign of 9th sneaking into the booth, "Make It Big" came with the announcement that Justice League producers 9th Wonder and Khrysis would be releasing music as rappers. 9th has gone on record saying that he's always felt Khrysis was the stronger producer so now Khrysis can return the favor and admit 9th(matic) is the better rapper.


Big Remo feat. 9thmatic, "It's Real"
RELEASED: December 17, 2009

STANDOUT BARS: "Made beats by the thousand, public housing/Cleveland Avenue is where I got my very first piece/Of that boom boom, clap clap, Bambatta on the beats"
Complex Says: 9th rapping next to another producer and a 9th rapping next to a practiced rapper are two completely different things. He sounds a little bit like Ludacris here, which actually takes away from what he's trying to talk about, but the same goes for Luda when he raps about anything other than booties popping.


The Away Team feat. 9thmatic, "Fire It Up"
RELEASED: January 12, 2010

STANDOUT BARS: We fired up in the place, nigga ring the alarm/It's the black Taliban with a whole lot of bombs/boom wonder 9, goal line, throw me the bomb/boom wonder 9, landmine in Vietnam."
Complex Says: Sandwiched in between Khrysis and Sean Boog verses, 9th's raps on "Fire It Up" are his most inspired yet. On this Loose Files leak he sounds like he's rapping to impress his peers as opposed to having been left alone in the studio, which is how he's sounded prior.


9thmatic, Khrysis & Thee Tom Hardy, "Fresh & Fly"
RELEASED: March 1, 2010

STANDOUT BARS: "Im so so fresher ask Joe Pesci, he my cousin like vinny/A penny for your thoughts wonder 9, wonder why I'm so fly/So why you gotta wonder, 9th Wonder don't try."
Complex Says: We introduced you to 9th Wonder artist and unregistered music student Thee Tom Hardy back in October of last year. As the story goes, Hardy impressed 9th after sneaking into one of his classes, but on "Fresh & Fly," did the student become the teacher?


9thmatic & Khrysis, "It's On" (Produced by DJ Premier)
RELEASED: March 23, 2010

STANDOUT BARS: "So what do you propose?/Suppose we pose as some posers in this rap shit, wack shit/Some on beat, off beat, really can't rap shit/84 bars no hook, rap attack shit/ make a dance, do some ol silly ass snap shit."
Complex Says: Two southern producers rhyming over NYC's definitive beatsmith? 9th is no Nas or Jay-Z, but we'll stand him until either of those dudes come clean about their grudge with Premier. Khrysis sounds a bit like he's freestyling, but in a way that's what Preemo beats were made for (ask Stretch Armstrong).


Murs & 9th Wonder, "Asian Girl" (feat. 9thmatic)
RELEASED: April 4, 2010

STANDOUT BARS: "Cooler than a fan blade, hotter than cajun/I party with the blacks, Puerto Ricans and Asians."
Complex Says: How many times had 9th been recording Murs over the course of their three albums together and thought to himself, "Damn, I could do that?" Probably none. Murs is as competent a rapper as they come and outshines 9th even when he's just rambling on about yellow fever.

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