Gorillaz & Coachella
Whether you're a hardcore music fan or just a guy wandering deserts of California, chances are you're gonna be at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival this year when it kicks off on April 16. There's quite a line-up for the annual mega-music event, including performances from Jay-Z, Vampire Weekend, MGMT, De La Soul, and of course our newest cover stars The Gorillaz. In their Complex cover story, Gorillaz leader Murdoc spoke to us about what the virtual band has in store for their headlining Coachella performance:

Complex: You're playing Coachella—what can we expect?

Murdoc: Ooooh, have I got something special for you. I'm going to explode! Explode! I've planned a reunion of not one, not two, but maybe even all THREE of the Gorillaz albums to be performed live... LIVE! Can you imagine? I'm not really prone to excitement, due to all the medication and everything, but this is really something! Something unbelievable. Something that we may even tour until we're skeletons... If my plans come together, these shows will go down in history for the sheer weight of icons, legends, and music genii on stage at one time!!! And that's just me and Russel—if I can find him. But seriously, I've heard nothing but good things about Coachella. I don't normally play festivals due to the fact that I like a toilet that can cope with solids and I need access to ice at all times. But I'm told that Palm Springs is where it's at: the women are all super-hot cougars and the golfing's good, so here we come!