Left To Right: Young Jeezy, Bloodgroup, Diplo, Game, Steve Aoki

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It's a great day for new music. Jeezy and Weezy dropped a potential TM103 street single, we discovered the Icelandic synthpop of Bloodgroup, and awesome Diplo and Steve Aoki remixes as well. Stream and download these songs and more after the jump...

SONG: "Scared Money"
ARTIST: Young Jeezy f/ Lil' Wayne
• This is rumored to be the street single off Thug Motivation 103. Either way, it's dope and our anticipation for the album has only increased.

SONG: "My Arms"
ARTIST: Bloodgroup
• Here's some synth-ridden goodness out of Iceland. When are rappers gonna start sampling stuff like this?

SONG: "Danger's Not A Stranger (Diplo Remix)"
ARTIST: Gucci Mane
• The man behind "Paper Planes" throws Gucci vocals over mid-90s Mariah Carey and kills it.

SONG: "Turn Off The Lights"
• Another one off The R.E.D. Album. It's okay, but we're holding out for the Pharrell-produced joints. Song quality aside, the Interscope Records tags are annoying.

SONG: "Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix)"
ARTIST: Kid Cudi
• We showed you how to get Cudder's look from the music video. Steve Aoki shows everyone how to do a proper remix with this rage-ready banger.

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