Left To Right: Lil' Wayne, Mobb Deep, Gavin, M.O.P., 9th Wonder

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Like we always do at this time! You know the drill. Five new songs at 5:00 everyday. Today we're hitting you with an amazing collab between Lil' Wayne and Eminem, some unreleased Mobb Deep, an interesting track from this new Gavin kid, and a couple more joints worth checking out. Start listening to (and downloading) everything after the jump...

SONG: "Drop The World"
ARTIST: Lil' Wayne f/ Eminem
• It's doubtful that you haven't heard this yet, but it's still the biggest leak of the day. Let the "who killed who" debates begin...in our post about Eminem's best guest verses.

SONG: "Tha World"
ARTIST: Mobb Deep
• Unreleased Mobb from 1996's Hell On Earth sessions, and it's hot. More please.

SONG: "Stuck In My Head"
• We haven't heard anything from this guy before, but he was all over the blogs today. He's clearly taken some cues from the Drake's and Cudi's of the world, but his catchy little pop number is dope in its own right.

SONG: "Larceny"
• Sure, no one is making street-oriented hip-hop like this anymore, but we're not mad at this track at all.

SONG: "Make It Big"
ARTIST: 9th Wonder & Khrysis
• Believe it or not, 9th is spitting on this. We wouldn't mind seeing if this established producer can make the full-time transition to respected MC one day.

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