Left To Right: Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B, Amerie, Wale, Timbaland

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The blogs weren't brimming with obvious, big deal leaks today, but we still managed to put together another solid Shuffle playlist. We have official album cuts from Amerie and Timbaland, Internet-only cuts from B.o.B and Wale, and one awesome freestyle from Lupe. Ready to press play? Keep reading to get started...

SONG: "All The Way Turnt Up"
ARTIST: Lupe Fiasco
• It's not everyday that you hear Lupe rapping over hard Southern beats, but we wish it was after hearing him kill this track. Fans are in for a treat and even haters won't be be able to deny his flow on here.

SONG: "I Feed These Streets"
• Video of Bobby Ray working on this song just hit blogs the other day and we already have the final song on our hands. Internet turnaround is something else. This is another solid effort from the rising ATL rapper.

SONG: "More Than Love"
ARTIST: Amerie f/ Fabolous
• Is it just us or is homegirl's buzz a little quiet for someone dropping an album, next week? Maybe this song featuring the always-ready-to-rap-on-R&B-songs Fabolous will help her out a bit. Can't front, the "Summer Madness" sample is pretty smooth.

SONG: "Letter"
ARTIST: Wale f/ John Mayer
• Here's another Wale record that will not make it onto Attention Deficit. Hopefully that means the album has some real gems on it and dude isn't scrapping perfectly good songs for no reason.

SONG: "Say Something"
ARTIST: Timbaland f/ Drake
• Snippets and lower quality versions of this song have been floating around for a minute, but we wanted to wait until the real deal arrived. This might be on Shock Value 2, but Timbo is just filler until Drake comes in and does his thing.

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