If you haven't actually sat down and listened to Kenzo Digital's hour-long audio movie City Of God's Son, we suggest you attend one of the back-to-back screenings/listening sessions that's happening next week (July 29/30) in New York City. In the meantime, watch this new video promo "City of God's Son: Cinema for the Blind," which features a group of various blind musicians talking about their unique experience while listening to the vivid story that stars Nas, Jay-Z, Ghostface, Biggie, Raekwon, and Samuel L. Jackson.

We interviewed Kenzo earlier this year when he released the project online, so click here to get some background on City of God's Son. More info on the listening session below...

For the first time this unique new form of sound and video art will be exhibited for the public on Wednesday, July 29th and Thursday, July 30th at 511 West 25th Street, on the 9th floor. Each night will feature back-to-back screenings/listening sessions starting at 8:00pm, followed by a Q&A with director Kenzo Digital. There will be a rooftop party & reception throughout the night. The event is sponsored by Nam June Paiks Studios, Creative Commons, Kenzo Digital Media, and Parimachari. For more information on the project please visit www.CityofGodSon.com

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