An Ohio woman has shared a video that shows how she got stuck upside down while working out at a gym in the early hours of the morning.

In a series of videos shared via her TikTok account @cfaulds20, Christine Faulds detailed her experience of getting stuck on an inversion table. Per CNN, Faulds said that she was exercising at her usual gym around 3 a.m. in the morning. When she was there, only one other person was present and they were elsewhere lifting weights.

When she realized she was stuck, she was able to call 911 using her smartwatch. She even shared footage that showed the police arriving at the scene, where they simply lifted the inversion table upright and she was able to walk it off. “Oh dear lord, my ankles are burning,” she said as police arrived at the scene.

“It was just so much pressure on my head,” she said. “People are saying why would you post that, so embarrassing, but I’m like sometimes you got to laugh at yourself and move on." Faulds said she was stuck on the inversion table for at least 12 minutes, and that she doesn’t intend to use one again unless she has a friend nearby to help in the event she gets stuck again. 

Watch Faulds recount her experience above.