Two Florida teenagers were pronounced dead Tuesday after the driver crashed into a canal and a Good Samaritan dove into the water to try and rescue him, People reports.  

Venkata Sai Krishnamurthy, 18, was reportedly headed to Taco Bell around 11 p.m. after leaving a basketball game when the accident occurred. Krishnamurthy was allegedly lost at the Residence of Sawgrass Mills neighborhood when he looked for directions on his phone and took a wrong turn before crashing into the water. 

A 17-year-old identified as Aden Perry was with his mother when he decided to try and save Krishnamurthy, who is believed to be the only person in the vehicle. Perry spent a considerable amount of time underwater during his rescue attempt. “I heard a lady screaming, ‘Oh, my son, my son he went into the lake,’” one bystander said, per WSVN. “And then she said he doesn’t know how to swim. It was very sad.”

Police and fire department crews arrived at the scene and managed to pull Perry from the water. “It did take them a while to find the first person they pulled out,” a neighbor told NBC Miami. “It was like 15 or 20 minutes.” CPR was performed on Perry before he was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Krishnamurthy was pronounced dead at the scene. 

“It’s just unfortunate, who knows what happened when he went in there to try to open the door, maybe he got caught up in it,” another person who lives in the neighborhood said. “It’s very sad, very brave act to do something like that. It’s sad to lose your life over that. My condolences to the family.”