Food & Wine reported late last month that B&G Foods launched its latest product, Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend, which is essentially a pulverized version of the iconic candy bar. 

B&G Food’s latest offering combines “the bar’s crunchy cookie, soft caramel and milk chocolate flavors to create the unmistakable essence of Twix that lovers of the chocolate bar can shake on just about any treat.” 

This seasoning sets aside the frivolous Left Twix versus Right Twix debate, and challenges consumers to think creatively when it comes to what this product can be used on. While sprinkling Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend on desserts, like ice cream, or mixing it into beverages, such as hot chocolate, makes sense, the company suggests incorporating it with more savory options, like popcorn and chicken wings. 

“We’re excited to see all of the ways consumers will experiment with Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend to create fun recipes that infuse the essence of Twix into ordinary foods,” Kristin Berlew, senior manager of PR for B&G Foods, said in a statement. “One of our favorite recipes is Twix BBQ Sauce.” 

This latest collaboration comes a year after B&G Foods worked with General Mills to create the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cinnadust Seasoning Blend. Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend is currently available in Sam’s Club and should be expanded to additional grocery stores in the coming months. Click here to check out a few recipe suggestions for Twix Shakers.