A warehouse full of drugs was discovered by police near Atlanta on Friday, the Atlanta NBC affiliate reports

South Fulton police say the warehouse was uncovered while authorities were executing three search warrants connected to a street racing investigation. Police describe the building as a “drug superstore” where an assortment of drugs and other illegal substances were found. 

A spokesperson for South Fulton, Gary Leftwich, told the media that authorities worked through the night to process evidence. 1,000 pounds of marijuana and edibles were recovered along with 13 guns. One of the weapons was reported stolen out of Dallas, Georgia. Leftwich also added that the total investigation had been underway for three months. Police believe that this is one of several locations that have been in operation for close to three years. 

62 people were detained in connection to the operation including a “known suspect” in a separate robbery investigation. 30 people have been sent to jail on charges of trafficking marijuana while the rest were charged with criminal trespassing, received copies of the charges, and were released. 33 additional arrest warrants have been issued but more are expected to follow. 

Currently, it’s unclear how this drug operation is related to the initial street racing investigation. However, 10 cars were also impounded during the warehouse search.