NFL Player Jason Peters Was Arrested for Allegedly Street Racing and Running From Police Yesterday

The cops eventually caught up with him.

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Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman Jason Peters may not be the fastest player on the football field on any given Sunday. But according to a report out of Monroe, La., Peters has a real need for speed when it comes to driving.

Early Wednesday morning, a police officer in Monroe allegedly witnessed Peters, who was driving a white Chevrolet Camaro, and the driver of a sedan engage in a street race on U.S. 165 North. The officer saw the two vehicles stop at a red light and then accelerate away quickly in what appeared to be a race. The officer then attempted to pull both vehicles over. And while the sedan complied immediately, Peters allegedly responded by driving even faster and clocked in at well above 100 mph as he tried to outrun police. He finally pulled over a short time later and was arrested on drag racing and resisting by flight charges.

WTF was he thinking? It's one thing for Peters to get caught street racing. But running from police to try and get out of trouble? If he really attempted to do that, it's a whole new level of stupid. Stay tuned to see how much trouble he gets in for trying to do it.

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