An Ohio dog who was believed to be missing was rescued from inside the wall of another family’s home over the weekend.

According to the Associated Press, the dog—named Gertie—had been missing for five days before it was found trapped between two concrete walls in a nearby home. The homeowner of the residence in question, per the report, heard Gertie’s cries after the dog had apparently fallen “down a crevice” and became stuck in the wall. The general consensus is that Gertie was likely trapped in the wall for the duration of the time she was believed to be missing.

“There have been missing posters up in Northside for five days in hopes of someone finding Gertie,” the Cincinnati Fire Department said in a public statement on Sunday, the same day they shared footage of the dog’s rescue that’s since started making the rounds on Twitter and elsewhere. “Today a homeowner heard a dog crying behind the garage wall and called us to check it out. This run ended in a happy reunion and a job well done by Truck 20!”