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A Trenton, New Jersey man accused of gunning down 30-year-old Daquan Basnight posted a photo of himself to Facebook moments after the murder, and inadvertently helped cops identify him in the process.

As reported by the TrentonianMatthew Tanner, who goes by the name “John Wick (Skippa),” allegedly posted a photo to Facebook on Aug. 2 showing him in black pants, a black T-shirt, and white “reflective” shoes with a black tongue. This apparently was the same outfit he wore while murdering Basnight the day before, homicide detective Shawn Bruton wrote in an affidavit.

“The shooter is clearly seen wearing a black T-shirt, black pants and white reflective shoes with a black tongue,” Bruton wrote.

Detectives asked that the Facebook page be preserved while they obtained a data warrant. They didn’t offer any motive for the killing in court records that outlined the evidence they had gathered against Tanner, age 36, who is currently locked up.