If all goes well, 2019 will be a banner year for video games.

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been on sale for five years. The Nintendo Switch has been out for two years. And the best games of any console come out at the end of a system's life cycle after the developers have had time to learn the hardware and understand its potential and limits.

No doubt there will be surprises; a small studio will shock audiences with a great concept, or a larger studio will create something better than anyone had anticipated. But right now, there are 13 upcoming video games that stand out among the others. Their trailers and gameplay clips look incredible, and the fan buzz and expectations are sky-high. 

We only hope that the developers stick to their release dates; a lot of these games have been announced as 2019 releases, with no specific month or date. And three of these games are rumored for 2019 but are not definitively confirmed.

Here are the 13 most anticipated video games of 2019.